Born in the summer of 2008, Haohao Design is a London-based graphic design studio. We show the world how and why every brand is different.

We believe that every brand is unique and work with people who value their brand's individuality. As an independent design studio, we are in the best position to provide perfectly customised design solutions.

We communicate closely with our clients and always take a flexible approach. By listening to our clients and asking insightful questions, we help brands define who they are and build our brief around that. We then take this knowledge to the drawing board, with a deep respect for the details. With our strong design and IT teams, every bold and imaginative idea is realised with the greatest of confidence.

What's more, by looking after both the online and the offline aspects of branding, we create a unified brand experience. From websites and app interfaces, to posters and exhibitions, we cover every aspect of design to ensure consistency of message. In this way, we create an all-round emotional impact that connects with the brand's audience.

We believe that visual language is deeply associated with cultural context. Using the power of visual language, we break down the boundaries between cultures, and communicate messages for brands from different backgrounds. In the past, we've worked with clients of various sizes across Europe and Asia, creating designs that best suit their target markets. Our international team know both of the markets well and always apply this knowledge to our work.

Most importantly, we are passionate about creating good design and are proud of what we do. For us, each design project is a unique journey. We invite you to enjoy this challenging but fascinating experience with us.

For work inquiries or just to say hello feel free to drop a line here:

Mobile: +44 (0) 789 4455 440
Email: info@haohaohuang.com

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